Licensed esthetician and owner of Atlanta Acne Specialists, Teri Eastin, has a mantra: everyone deserves clear skin. Her career and fascination with skin care started almost two decades ago when she worked for a dermatologist and couldn’t help but notice that too many acne patients left the doctor feeling disappointed, discouraged and unhealed. This inspired Teri to dive deeper into the true causes of acne in order to find a better way to help people clear their skin effectively and holistically. With her heart set on helping others, Teri launched Atlanta Acne Specialists in 2013 to provide clients with personalized skincare regimens for comprehensive healing, healthy skin and beautiful, lasting results.

Knowing that her work must be thorough to be effective, Teri brings expert insight and proven protocols for prescription-free solutions that clear acne even in severe cases. As a licensed esthetician for almost 20 years, she understands how frustrating surface healing can be and has dedicated her practice to addressing the root causes of acne, which include diet, lifestyle and genetics. The program Teri provides to you for treatments and home care is tailored to your needs — it’s a brand new way of taking care of your skin going forward for long-lasting, sustainable results you can count on.

Teri truly cares about your health and well-being. Whether you come in person to Atlanta Acne Specialists or join her Virtual Clear Skin program online, you receive the attention, consideration and support from both Teri and her clinicians that you deserve. You’ll never be rushed out in 15 minutes with a quick-fix prescription. Teri takes the time to understand your particular challenges — this isn’t a fluffy, canned spa treatment! In addition to customized treatments, Teri makes sure you’re taught proper skin care and are educated about important factors like diet and lifestyle. She is focused on helping you achieve a dramatic reduction in your acne in as little as three months.

Thanks to her passion for skin care that works, Teri created her own exclusive corrective skin care line, “Virtual Clear Skin.” Dermatological prescriptions can be overly harsh and drying, only irritating skin further and causing more flare-ups. Virtual Clear Skin is proven to be more effective than drugstore products and much more gentle.

When she’s not working with clients in person or online, you can find Teri spending time with her husband and two boys, and her dog, Kelli, traveling and stand up paddleboarding. Her favorite hobby is a testament to how Teri treats her life’s work of ridding her clients of acne: with focus, balance, precision, persistence and consistency. And smooth results!

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Mentored by Teri, Cristina Reagin is a licensed esthetician who specializes in effectively clearing acne. Cristina’s passion is to deliver lasting results that boost confidence and bring out the best in everyone she serves.

Cristina entered the field of esthetics to learn the fundamentals of how skin functions, its maintenance, and what it needs to be glowing and healthy, as well as from an interest in the artistry of cosmetics. With a deep desire to assist those with challenging skin conditions, Cristina joined Atlanta Acne Specialists, where she now devotes her passion, education, and expertise to effectively treating even the most severe cases of acne. You can count on Cristina to listen carefully — her excitement about your progress is genuine, and she’s your biggest cheerleader when it comes to staying consistent with your skin care, both in her chair and at home. To Cristina, hearing from clients that friends and family are starting to notice how good their skin looks is the ultimate praise, and it’s something she focuses on for each and every client.

When she’s not healing the complexion and confidence of others, Cristina loves to support local music, read books, and attend ice hockey games.

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As a licensed esthetician, Lily Smith specializes in treating moderate to severe acne conditions. Like Teri and Cristina, she shares a passion for healthy skin and is dedicated to helping people heal their acne concerns so they can be more confident in the amazing skin they were blessed with. 

Lily’s work is guided not only by her training at the Atlanta Institute of Aesthetics and hands-on experience, but also by the teachings of renowned philosophical thinker and author don Miguel Ruiz. His iconic book, The Four Agreements, which emphasizes honesty, openness, curiosity, and above all, a drive for excellence, embodies her work ethic.

That means when you are treated for acne concerns by Lily, she begins by listening to your specific challenges, hopes, and goals. As your trusted confidante, she takes the information you share and uses it to devise a customized, results-driven plan for your unique skin type and tone. Employing a specialized technique to cleanly and efficiently extract acne lesions, she expertly creates an environment that allows your skin to heal the wounds acne creates. Lily’s approach also minimizes the likelihood of hyperpigmentation.

As Lily will show you, healthy skin doesn’t need a lot of active products to keep it clear and radiant. “Slow and steady” (her core advice for clients) always wins! Lily takes the time to educate you about the best products and procedures for you to use at home to maintain a healthy glow and a blemish-free complexion. 

When she’s not bringing her artistry to clearing acne, you might find Lily at a museum, snuggling with a cat, taking a long walk or bike ride, or performing improv.

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