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What people are saying about Atlanta Acne Specialists


Yesterday at work a lady commented on how nice my skin has been looking and wondered if I had been doing something different! BOY DID I TELL HER! I have been using CosMedix! She also asked if others had commented to me because apparently they’d been discussing it! My skin is loving the products. Just feels like my skin soaks it up. I’m wearing less makeup because I feel like my face has a healthy glow to it.

“What a great experience I had when Teri gave me my first skin treatment. I normally don’t like having anything done to my face but Teri, knowing this, was careful to explain everything she was doing. Afterward, Teri gave me some samples to use. I loved the Affirm. A few days later when I went to work people were asking what I had been doing to my skin. I couldn’t believe the results after just one treatment. Thanks, Teri!!”
~ Betty

“Before finding Teri, I had seen countless dermatologists, estheticians, and even homeopathic doctors to try and clear my skin of milia and whiteheads. I had suffered with these issues for years, beginning in college without ever finding a solution. I had tried Proactive, Retin-A, and numerous drugstore “solutions” as well and ended up spending thousands of dollars for nothing. My face never changed. It was covered in whiteheads and milia always. I had decided it was something I was going to have to live with until I met Teri. Once she assessed my face and started me on a personalized regimen of acne products designed just for my skin needs, I saw and felt a difference within weeks. I used to never want anyone to touch my face because of the milia and whiteheads – they made it feel “bumpy.” But after about 2 weeks on Teri’s plan, my face was smooth and clear and I actually started going out without makeup just to show off my new skin. And that’s what I felt like – that I had brand new skin. Not since middle school had my face looked so clean and clear. I now tell everyone about Teri and have sent several friends to her who are equally impressed with her and her products. I really didn’t think anyone could help me until I found Teri. Now I don’t care where she lives or I live, I won’t trust my face with anyone else. She is a miracle worker! I love my new skin and it’s all thanks to Teri. “

“I can speak from experience!!! Teri is AMAZING!!! She did more for my skin in ONE month than a FORMER Dermatologist (outside of her former practice) did for me in 4 YEARS!!!! Every month I would go in to see Teri, we’d talk about how we should have done before and after photos of my skin. Teri is awesome!!!! “
♥ ~ Robin

“I feel blessed that I discovered Teri Eastin, who genuinely cares about my skin as much as I do. She listens carefully, understands thoroughly, presents options clearly, and delivers quality solutions that work. Her education and professional experience in traditional and alternative skin care contribute to her expert guidance in knowing what works and doesn’t for an individual’s unique situation. She is also delightfully warm and supportive while serving her clients. I am currently seeing Teri to restore health and tone to sun-damaged skin in natural, non-invasive ways. I turned to her after seeing the results she achieved in taming my young adult son’s persistent acne. She achieved what the dermatologist could not. While the dermatologist only offered Accutane as the “last resort,” Teri presented a safe, manageable healing solution. I wholeheartedly recommend Teri to any individual who wants to achieve healthy, attractive skin without the drama, risk, and expense of traditional dermatology. I’m loving my skin, a work in process, and my son is loving his skin, too.”
♥ ~ Randi