Atlanta Acne Specialists FAQ

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An acne treatment is a facial that focuses on extractions. Products used during the facial should be made for acne prone skin. We will cleanse, tone and treat the skin(enzyme or mild peel), then do extractions, tone again and protect with sunblock. The treatment will last approximately one hour.
Acne is a condition inherited from your parents. It is an issue of the skin cells that line the pore shedding to quickly for the body to get rid of them. As the skin cells build up deep in the pore mixing with oil they form a plug that turns into a pimple over time. Sometimes it’s just a black or whitehead (non-inflamed). Sometimes, it’s a pustule or cyst(inflamed). Other times it could be both. Either way, it is genetically determined whether your pores will function properly. If you are one of the unlucky ones whose pores don’t behave consider yourself lucky you found us. We can get you clear!
Acne Specialists of Atlanta knows that YOU are the best advocate for your skin. We arm our clients with a three-pronged approach; Education, Products, and Lifestyle.

First, Our clients receive researched and proven information so they understand their skin. Second, we recommend the right products for their skin and acne type. Dedicated use of these products prevent new acne from forming own deep in the pore. We recommend our clients change how they use the home care products every 2 weeks. This aggressive approach strengthens their skin care in order to get them closer to clear without irritating or drying out the skin too much. Third, we recommend dietary, lifestyle, and hair care changes. Our most successful clients accept that in order to achieve clear skin, they must make these changes. For our clients who live or work near our office, or who are willing to travel to visit, are able to take advantage of our safe and careful extractions every two weeks. Extractions remove the acne lesions that have reached the surface of the skin. Even without extractions, our clients typically see results in about 3-6 months and some have their acne under control in as little as 3 months.

Quite honestly, if they were working you wouldn’t be searching out alternative acne treatments. Many big companies change their formulas for various reasons. You may be using a product that is safe today and when it runs out and you repurchase it the formula has changed and is no longer safe. It can be very frustrating! The other reason is that some of your products may not contain pore clogging ingredients, but they most likely also don’t contain any ingredients to prevent new acne from forming. At Acne Specialists of Atlanta, our clients know that the products they purchase are formulated with the proper ingredients and the correct pH to make them effective for preventing and getting rid of their acne. Only in this way can our clients get clear. To be perfectly clear, our clients use our products exclusively. The use of other products will inhibit your results.
Most of us wear think of SPF as the way to prevent a sunburn if they are going to be at the pool or beach. We all know that sunburn is painful and that serious sunburns can lead to skin cancers. What many of us don’t understand what we are concerned about in preventing sunburns and skin cancer is actually concern about UVB(burn) and UVC(cancer) rays. What’s more important about a full spectrum sunblock is that you are also blocking the UVA rays (Aging rays). These UVA rays go deepest into the skin, down to the dermis, and cause the most damage. Most of which we don’t see for 20-30 years in the form of wrinkles and age spots. Not spending a lot of time outdoors does not help as UVA rays penetrate windows (think of driving in the car). UVB rays don’t. If the sun is up, UVA rays are out there. Wearing SPF is the most anti aging step you can take for your skin. Wear it every day of the year even when during the cold months and even when it’s rainy. Our SPF does double duty as it keeps your skin hydrated which is important during our program and in the winter months so skin doesn’t get too dry.
The cost of our program largely depends upon which program you chose. In office clients will have the benefit of office visits and extractions while virtual clients will not have that added benefit and cost. Our goal is to get you clear in 6 months or less. The average client is clear between 3 and 4 months. Many factors apply, specifically acne type and each client’s commitment to adherence of our program and suggested lifestyle changes.

Consultations are $75. All clients incur this cost. Kits costs between $150 and $175. The consultation will determine which kit is best for your acne type. Treatments cost $95 for a 30-minute session and $125 for a 60-minute session. The consultation, client availability, and adherence to the program are some of the factors that will determine which treatment option is best. Once our clients achieve clear skin, they are able to stay clear on our products alone if their diet/ lifestyle is in line. The average cost for maintenance per month is between $50 and $75. See the “How this works” page for more detail.

We do not recommend using other products or prescriptions while on our program. Most prescriptions tend to make the skin very sensitive. We prefer our clients to be off all prescriptions for 2 weeks before starting our program. This is for your benefit. Our products are exfoliating and if they are mixed with topical prescriptions, they will have unfavorable results.
We recommend making all the necessary changes from the start of the program so our clients get their desired results as quickly as possible. This includes switching to an acne safe makeup as well. While our list of pore clogging ingredients is a great start, there can be other ingredients that clog your pores even though they are not on our list. That is why we strongly recommend our clients use Priia makeup. Our clients love it and it’s completely acne safe.
It’s all about the iodides. We know it is not easy to eliminate your favorite foods from your diet. We also know our happiest clients embraced the changes they made as a fresh start in their life. The foods we recommend you remove or drastically decrease in your diet are high in iodides. Iodides aggravate acne. Dairy, peanuts, and others listed on our website should be completely avoided for the first three months. Some of our clients stay away from these foods while others pick one to add back very slowly to see how their skin is affected. Sometimes, the addition of a food causes a break-out. That food is not safe for that client. Sometimes it doesn’t. Then the client can be relatively sure a little of that food will be okay. Our most successful clients understand that It’s a process and that discovering food triggers is part of it.
Wait. Our program requires a commitment to change. We are here to support our clients in making the changes necessary to achieve clear skin. We want our clients to be excited about the results they achieve. Clear, smooth, glowing skin! We will never pressure you to start our program. We trust you will know when you are ready. And when you are, we will be here for you.
Let’s start with the basics. It takes acne between 2 and 3 months to reach the surface of the skin. Therefore it will take a minimum of 3 months for any client see clear skin, regardless of acne type, lifestyle, age, etc. Our Virtual Clear Skin Program clients can achieve clear skin between 6 and 9 months without treatments. Our monthly clients typically enjoy clear skin in about 6 months. Our bi-monthly clients can be clear in as little as 3 or 4 months. These results are enjoyed by clients who commit fully to making necessary changes. Results will vary depending upon each client’s ability to use our program. If you join our program, you are in charge of your results. If you follow all our recommendations you will get the best possible results in the least amount of time. Results will vary person to person as no two clients have the same set of circumstances.
Probably not. Acne prone skin is not “behaving” so our program helps it behave. Until your skin decides to function the way it is supposed to, and there is no way to know when that is, you will need to use our products to continue to get the results you desire. However, once you are clear for at least 6 months, you can start to wean off of the products (never cold turkey) and see how your skin reacts. We continue the weaning as long as your skin continues to “behave.” If you start to break out again, your skin is telling us it’s not ready to be without the products. No client’s skin can behave unless the basics continue; wash, moisturize, and use SPF. Every day. Forever.
Treatments are always done by a highly qualified and trained acne specialist in a private room. We begin treatments with either a mild chemical peel (some clients experience a little flaky skin a few days after), or a light enzyme (no flaky skin depending on it’s condition the day of your treatment). Our second step is to extract. There will be some mild to medium discomfort during this process. It should not “hurt”. We complete each treatment with an LED light treatment to kill bacteria in the pores, reduce redness, and promote the healing of your skin. Yes, you will be red and bumpy after your acne treatment. Sadly there is no other effective way to do extractions. Using ice when you get home helps. Our clients know the results are worth it!
Everything! #1 We believe everyone deserves clear skin. That’s why we only accept clients who are committed to our program. We know we can’t care more than you do about clear skin. #2 We treat each client as an individual. Our products are formulated specifically for your skin and acne type. Every treatment and regimen is custom to you. #3 We get results and we get them quickly. Check out our before and after photos for inspiration.
No. Our program requires that our clients follow a home care regimen and make diet / lifestyle changes. The results are up to each individual.
No. Our program has been carefully designed from years of research and experience in order to help clients who want clear skin. Extractions alone will not achieve that objective. Therefore, we do not offer extractions only.
We see clients as young as 13 but that’s not a guarantee that we will accept a young client. If a teen is responsible, independent, and willing to make major changes, we will likely accept him/her as a client. We will work with teens to empower them to be in control of their skin. Our program is simple and straightforward. Acne is challenging for clients of any age but especially for teens. If you are a parent who is more concerned about your child’s skin than they are, we suggest waiting until your teen asks for help in getting rid of their acne. We want your investment in your child’s skin to be worthwhile.
There really is no such thing as a “safe tan”. All tans are sun damage which causes premature aging, wrinkles and brown spots(hyper pigmentation). A spray tan would be your best bet. It’s the safest way to have a tan without the damage. Now, that being said the solution they use could certainly cause breakouts so I would see if they will give you the ingredients to the spray tan solution so you could match them against your pore clogging ingredient list to make sure it won’t break you out.
We do not accept insurance, but we can provide you an itemized receipt if you would like to file a claim on your own.