How it Works

At your first visit we will do a consultation, sensitivity test (finding the right serum for your skin) and acne treatment. We will discuss the products you are using, diet, lifestyle, and treatments you have tried. We will decide on the products for your skin and acne type based on what we learn during the consultation and sensitivity test. You will receive acne treatments every 2 weeks over a 12 week period. During this time you will see significant changes in your skin and should be mostly to completely clear by the 6th visit. You must be ready to make lifestyle and products changes to join this program. It can be life changing if you are willing to do the work.

You must be willing to follow our protocol and use our products exclusively. You will not get results if you use other products without telling us. You must also be “coachable”. This means following our recommendations explicitly and checking in with us every 2 weeks if you can’t come in for your appointment or if you are experiencing overly dry skin or allergic reaction.

Your appointments are specifically for you and are scheduled one-on-one with our acne specialists. If you are running late, please know that your appointment may be cut short or rescheduled. We also request 24 hour notice to cancel your appointment as well. If not, there may be a $50 cancellation fee applied. Please ask if you have any questions. Our acne specialists will be happy to help.

Here is a breakdown of what to expect:

We have 3 options to achieving clear skin*! Acne treatments in our office help clear skin faster, but you can get there by using our products 100% consistently on your own. Choose what works best for you. Prices are approximate and vary based on which products we recommend for your skin and acne type. Once clear you will need to continue using your products to maintain results.

*Results dependent on a commitment to yourself following protocol advice.

Option 1 – In-Office Treatment and Product

  • Clear in 3-4 months
  • Consultation $75(required)
  • 6 Acne treatments in our office every 2 weeks at $125 each
  • Products $210 (100% necessary – 3 months worth)
  • Supplements $111 for 3 months worth (optional and highly recommended)
  • Total investment for 3 months $1,146 approx.
  • We can accelerate this option for an event ( i.e. wedding, graduation etc.)

Option 2 – In-Office Treatment and Product

Check in with us every 2 weeks, in between appointments, on our website.

  • Clear within 6 months
  • Consultation $75 (required)
  • 6 Acne treatments in our office monthly $125 each
  • Products $300 (100%necessary – 6 months worth)
  • Supplements $222 for 6 months worth (optional and highly recommended)
  • Total investment for 3 months: $1,347 approx.

Option 3 – Long Distance Program/ On-line Tutorials and Product

For those unable to make in-office treatments, you can get results with a super-clean diet and following our online protocol and tutorials from home. Again, you will also check in with us every 2 weeks on our website.

  • Clear in approx. 6-9 months
  • Consultation $75
  • No in-office appointments $0
  • Products $450 (9 months worth)
  • Supplements $222 for 6 months worth (a must if you have inflamed acne)
  • Total investment for 6-9 months: $747 approx.

Here’s an example of a typical client of ours: