June is Acne Awareness Month. Eight-five percent of the population will be affected by acne at some point in their life.  Are you like other acne sufferers who have gone to a myriad of dermatologists with little to no results? Even DIY isn’t working for you.

At Atlanta Acne Specialists, all we do is help you with your acne. When clients first come to us, they have tried a myriad of products. That approach usually doesn’t work. That’s why we created the Say GoodBye to Acne Kit. It’s all the products you need to get you clear. 

Our ingredients have non pore clogging ingredients that help you to get rid of acne. All acne starts the same at the deepest part of the core.

Consistent use of the products is key and diet and lifestyle play a part as well. 

Book your consultation now with Atlanta Acne Specialists. We want to help you get clear.