So you decided to visit an acne specialist in Atlanta. Great move!

Now you’re finally seeing improvement in your skin. When this happens, it can be easy to start slacking on your skin-care regimen, thinking, “Finally, it’s gone!”

But we urge you to resist this temptation.
We get it. When your skin looks clear and healthy, it can be hard to understand why you need to keep using the products that helped transform your skin.

But you must not forget: There is no cure for acne.

Without a cure, you can’t reasonably expect to halt your skin-care practices as soon as you see progress, and simply do nothing. Unfortunately, doing so can be costly–even send you right back to square one.

Yes, the problem has improved. But it hasn’t gone away. You still have your work cut out for you.

Your clearer, healthier skin didn’t come out of nowhere. We worked as a team for you to see improvement. We spent many hours working toward your healthy skin through:

And you worked hard for it by consistently using recommended skin-care products and transforming your diet.

As a team we’ve developed a plan that works for your skin. But developing and starting your skin-care regimen is only the beginning. Now it’s up to you to maintain your regimen so you can continue to enjoy your fresh new skin.

Let’s say you schedule an appointment with us every two weeks—a schedule we recommend for best results—and you’re following instructions for your daily regimen. That means we’re working on your skin twice a month, giving it a much-needed boost you simply can’t get at home.

Meanwhile, every day you’re able to care for it on your own with the products we recommend. You wield most of the power to transform your skin. And if you’re not using your skin-care products as directed, you can’t expect a visit to our office to do you much good.

Your goal should be to get to the point where you no longer need to schedule appointments with us. If you’re completely reliant on twice-monthly appointments to improve your skin, you’re missing the point.

If you keep up with your at-home skin-care regimen, you will eventually no longer need to see us as frequently.

And while we love our clients, if your skin is looking and feeling so great that you don’t need to come see us anymore, that is a goodthing. It means we’ve done our job, and you’re continuing to do yours by using your products regularly and maintaining a clean, healthy diet.

Think of it this way: If you’re suffering from acne, you need the right skin-care products just like a diabetic needs insulin. If you were or are a diabetic, even if you had your diabetes under control, you wouldn’t simply stop checking your blood sugar levels or taking insulin. Just like acne, there is no cure for diabetes. Your daily routine must go on to keep the problem at bay.

Until your pores are able to function properly on their own, you must use your skin-care products. Consistency is key.

So many people suffer from acne, and so many people do nothing about it. About 40 percent of Americans don’t treat their acne. If you’re suffering from acne and have yet to see a specialist about treatment, it’s time. Don’t be part of that 40 percent.

With the right acne specialists, you can do something about it.

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