Our teen clients and their parents come to our program having spent hours researching skin-care routines and best products. When breakouts occur, many of our clients and their parents think the culprit is not washing enough, hair on their forehead or use of the wrong makeup or skincare products. But what they don’t understand is that treating true acne prone skin is tricky! I’m going to dispel some of the above myths for you below.

MYTH 1: I’m breaking out because I’m not washing my face often enough.

Acne starts way down deep in the pore. That’s why you could wash your face 20 times per day and still have acne. Face wash does not penetrate the pore. Therefore, it will not stop the acne where it starts. Some products have harsh ingredients that claim to “attack” acne. But face wash is not on the skin long enough to be effective.

MYTH 2: I’m breaking out because I have bangs or my hair falls onto my forehead.

The only way this myth could be true is if you are using hair care or styling products that have pore clogging ingredients. If that’s the case, don’t change your hairstyle, change your hair products! Our website has all the information you need to find the pore clogging culprits in your hair care products. I recommend you print out the information and take it with you to your salon or store so you can be sure you are spending your money wisely.  

MYTH 3: I’m breaking out because of the skin care products and makeup I’m using.

Okay, this one isn’t a myth at all! Using the wrong makeup will certainly make you break out. Using acne safe products will help limit break-outs . This bears repeating; , if you are still using skincare products with pore cloggers in them, you will continue to break out. Our successful clients make sure that everything they use on their acne affected area is safe to use.  They only use products that will prevent new breakouts like our Acne Gel and Mandelic Serum. These products actually penetrate the pore and stop acne from forming deep in the pore. They also get rid of those sticky skin cells that build up on the surface of skin. Again, our website is the perfect resource for checking all your products for “bad” ingredients and for shopping for “good” products.

In summary, and contrary to popular belief, acne is not a cleanliness issue. Consider that each of us has about 20,000 pores on our faces. Acne-prone skin sheds too many dead skin cells for the body to eliminate of in a timely manner. Those skin cells plus the excess oil in an acne-prone person are stickier than the  typical skinned person. Those conditions added  together form a “plug” deep in the pore. This “plug” actually takes between 2 and 3 months to reach the surface of the skin. That’s why it takes at least 90 days to get clear. Therefore, using the right products in the right way, adopting the right skincare routine, and committing to some important lifestyle changes are necessary in order to achieve clear skin.

We would love to assist you in getting clear. If you or anyone you know may need our products we would love to help you. Visit us at www.AtlantaAcneSpecialists.com for more information.