Back Acne Treatments

Cost: $95 to $125 (only $50-$75 if added to a facial treatment)

Back acne can occur alone or on the face as well. Some people never have it on their face and only have it on the body. Either way, it is just as devastating. The skin on the back is thicker and can tolerate a stronger treatment, whereas the skin on the chest is much more thin. Treatment to help you get rid of back acne is very similar to treating facial acne, just a little stronger depending on your skin or acne type.

Just like the face, we will need to test the back for sensitivity to find the right serum for you and help you get rid of back acne. It works best if you come in every two weeks for the first three months for an acne treatment. We will change up your home care regularly, so the skin doesn’t have a chance to adjust to the products.

Do you exercise or play sports? Making sure you shower immediately after your workout is one of the best ways to help get rid of back acne. It helps so much to get rid of the sweat, oil and dirt as soon as possible after exercising. If you can’t, at least have a wet cloth handy (or approved baby wipes) to wipe off the back area immediately after your workout, and then shower when you get home.

If your child plays football, wearing a white cotton t-shirt (not washed with dryer sheets or fabric softener) under their shoulder pads is really beneficial in creating a barrier from the shoulder pads or jersey if they have sensitive skin. While we’re talking about sports, one last tip for any sport requiring a helmet is to alcohol off the chinstrap after each use if they are dealing with acne on the face as well.


We do not accept insurance, but we can provide you an itemized receipt if you would like to file a claim on your own.