I locked myself out of the online store? How do I order products?


Have you ordered products online in the past? If not, you'll need to create an account. If you have ordered products before, be sure you are using the right username and password. You are only locked out for about an hour and then you can try again. You may be trying to log into the Support [...]

I locked myself out of the online store? How do I order products?2021-08-13T16:16:15-04:00

Why do I have acne?


Acne is a condition inherited from your parents. The skin cells that line the pore shed too quickly for the body to get rid of them. As the skin cells build up deep in the pore, mixing with oil, they form a plug that turns into a pimple. Sometimes it’s just a black or whitehead [...]

Why do I have acne?2020-07-26T16:44:36-04:00

How does your program work?


Teri Eastin, founder of the Virtual Clear Skin Program, knows that YOU are your best advocate for your skin. We arm our clients with a three-pronged approach; Products, Education, & Lifestyle. First, our clients receive heavily-researched and clinically-proven information to understand their skin. Second, we provide clients with the most effective, product-centered program designed to [...]

How does your program work?2020-07-26T16:41:34-04:00

Why can’t I use my current products?


One thing to consider: If your current products were working, why are you searching for an alternative acne treatment? This tends to happen because, unfortunately, many big skin-care companies rely on trends rather than results for the purpose of financial gain. This leads to many products having "pore-clogger" in them even when their manufactured "to [...]

Why can’t I use my current products?2020-07-26T16:40:06-04:00

Why do I have to wear sunscreen every day?


Many of us wear  SPF simply as the way to prevent a sunburn at the pool or beach. It is so much more important than just that. We all know that sunburns are painful and that serious sunburns can potentially lead to skin cancers. We, obviously want you to avoid that, and we offer a [...]

Why do I have to wear sunscreen every day?2020-07-26T16:39:17-04:00

How much will this cost?


The cost of our program largely depends upon what you want to include. In-office clients will have the benefit of extractions as well as other treatments. Our Virtual Clients enjoy the lower-costs and freer schedules of getting clear from home with no appointments to schedule in or budget for. In either program, our goal is [...]

How much will this cost?2020-07-26T16:37:10-04:00

What if I am on other acne prescriptions?


We recommend our clients to be off all prescriptions for at least 2 weeks before starting our program. This is because most prescriptions tend to make the skin very sensitive which will not pair well with our products which are exfoliating. Over exfoliation produces unfavorable results. And as per our Waiver agreement, you are not [...]

What if I am on other acne prescriptions?2020-07-26T16:34:37-04:00

Can I continue my favorite makeup?


Unfortunately, many makeups contain pore-clogging ingredients. That is why we strongly recommend our clients use Priia makeup , an acne-safe line developed by an acne-specialist based out of Pennsylvania. Our clients love it and we love it too. We can match you for their line at any of your appointments. We do also know of a few [...]

Can I continue my favorite makeup?2020-07-26T16:33:09-04:00

Why can’t I have any dairy?


We understand dairy-love, but it is unfortunately an impediment in your journey to clear skin to keep it in your diet. Here's why. It’s all come down to iodides. Iodides, when excreted from the skin, irritate the lining of the pore causing more oil production and shedding of dead skin cells. When you are acne-prone, [...]

Why can’t I have any dairy?2020-07-26T16:30:26-04:00

What if I’m not sure about starting your program?


Please contact us with any questions you might have about what is involved in our program. And, sincerely, if you're not ready to commit, you should wait. We are here to support our clients in making the changes necessary to achieve clear skin and we definitely want our clients to be excited about the results [...]

What if I’m not sure about starting your program?2020-07-26T16:28:29-04:00


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