Teri Eastin, founder of the Virtual Clear Skin Program, knows that YOU are your best advocate for your skin. We arm our clients with a three-pronged approach; Products, Education, & Lifestyle.

First, our clients receive heavily-researched and clinically-proven information to understand their skin.

Second, we provide clients with the most effective, product-centered program designed to treat current breakouts as well as to prevent new breakouts from forming. Dedicated use of these products is required to achieve clear skin. And in order to keep the skin receptive to treatment, we do recommend that our clients change how they use the home care products every 2 weeks according to the set of instructions that will be provided. This approach strengthens their skin care in order to get them  clear without irritating their skin or causing too much dryness.

Third, we recommend dietary, lifestyle, and hair care changes. Our most successful clients accept that in order to achieve clear skin, they must make these changes.

Many clients are able to take advantage of our safe and effective treatments every two weeks. Treatments include extractions, exfoliation, as well as LED light treatment. Coming in to the office for treatments can help hasten the process of getting clear. However, even without extractions, which are not required to achieve clear skin, our clients typically see results in about 3-6 months and some have their acne under control in as few as 3 months.