We understand dairy-love, but it is unfortunately an impediment in your journey to clear skin to keep it in your diet.

Here’s why. It’s all come down to iodides. Iodides, when excreted from the skin, irritate the lining of the pore causing more oil production and shedding of dead skin cells. When you are acne-prone, you already over-produce dead skin cells which, along with your “stickier”, natural, acne-prone oil, causes a plug in the pore that will inevitably form into acne (inflamed or non-inflamed). Removing iodide-rich food, like dairy, will keep from essentially counteracting the work the products are doing.

We know it is not easy to eliminate your favorite foods from your diet. However, we also know our happiest clients have embraced these changes.

The iodide rich foods we will educate you about should be avoided for at least the first 3 months of the program. Some of our clients stay away from these foods while others will try adding one at a time back to their diet very slowly and in moderation to see how their skin is affected. Sometimes, the addition of a food will cause a break-out and is thus not safe for that client. But in some circumstances, a little of that food will be okay.

Our most successful clients understand that getting clear is a process and that discovering food triggers is part of it.

We are happy to offer suggestions for replacement choices so, don’t hesitate to ask!