Dermatologist or Acne Specialist?

Teri Eastin In-Office Visits

Who should you call when you have acne? Well, most people will call a Dermatologist when they have issues with their skin, which is a very logical first step. However, there tends to be a typical recommendation by doctors for acne.
Oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, Retinoids and sometimes Benzoyl Peroxide will be prescribed. They all help to a degree, but all are not necessary (antibiotics don’t kill p. acnes bacteria) and not all of them work (Retin-A cream has pore cloggers in it).

Dermatologists mean well and want to help, they just really don’t have the time. They are in and out in 5 minutes and just use a one-size-fits-all approach to acne, and as we have found out, that doesn’t work for everyone. If those methods don’t work most of the time, doctors will then prescribe Isotretinoin (Accutane), which is very hard on the body and has a lot of pretty heavy duty health risks. Most of those treatments are often discontinued because of irritation or other adverse reaction and the patient gets frustrated.

We as acne specialists ask a lot of questions first. Examine your skin and then implement a home care strategy that will benefit your type of acne. We look at medications, diet, hygiene, sports activity and current hair and skin care products.
To become an esthetician we receive 1000 of just skin care education. As an Acne Specialist we have received training and certification above and beyond just the licensure from the state board. I consider this a passion and privilege to work with you and help you regain a healthy self-esteem. Sometimes the fix is easy, sometimes it takes a few months. You will see improvement in just a few weeks, sometimes significant improvement. Research shows that clients are a lot more compliant with their home care regimen if there are more frequent appointments. Therefore, our acne specialists will want to see you every two weeks for a treatment and change your home care just a bit at each visit to keep your skin from adjusting so that we keep the microcomedones from forming, therefore abolishing acne. If you can’t come in we at least want you to check in via email or phone just to see how things are going.

We offer a lot more time with our clients too. An average appointment is one hour minimum. We will discuss how your skin is feeling/responding to see if we need to make any other adjustments in addition to the acne treatment itself.

Non medical acne treatments can be very effective. In fact, our approach has an over 90% proven success rate when followed properly.