Masks are something our clients like to use either once or twice a week. Usually they use masks if they are feeling dry or to remove impurities.

It all comes down to ingredients. If you are using an over the counter clay mask, many of them contain pore clogging ingredients which will undo anything the acne products are doing to successfully treat your acne. 

Atlanta Acne Specialists has several acne-safe masks for your skin. Here is the process for using a mask:

  1. Clean your face with your cleanser
  2. Apply your mask according to package directions
  3. Rinse your face
  4. Continue applying your other products. 

Our Kale and Clay Mask is great at calming the skin. We recommend you use it in the summer. Our Charcoal Mask is soothing, hydrating and brightening for the skin. Great for winter use. 

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Kale and Clay Mask
Charcoal Mask