You’re getting ready to start your day and suddenly, you catch a glimpse of something in the mirror–another breakout of blemishes across your forehead, nose or chin. You let out a sigh of frustration and reach into a drawer full of over-the-counter or prescription tubes of ointments and creams. You’re hoping that one of these acne treatments will at least make your breakout less obvious.

Maybe this has been your daily struggle for years, or perhaps your acne outbreak is a recent development. Either way, acne can be a frustrating and embarrassing experience, and affect people at any age for many different reasons.

But no matter the cause or your age, there are solutions that will work to get acne under control.

Tired of struggling with acne? We can help.

Our team of licensed estheticians and acne specialists can help you resolve your acne problems. Licensed Esthetician Teri Eastin, founder of Atlanta Acne Specialists (Atlanta’s first acne-only treatment center), made her proven method available for everyone. Our program does not require appointments, despite their benefits.

We specialize in helping men and women of all ages get rid of moderate-to-severe acne. And we’re serious about it–it’s all that we do! So whether you’re suffering from facial acne, chest acne or back acne, we’re here to help anyone who is willing to do the necessary work to get themselves clear.

Many of our clients have tried everything from over-the-counter treatments to Accutane–some several times–but nothing worked until they came to us. At Atlanta Acne Specialists, we offer safe alternatives to antibiotics and harsh prescriptions. Following our recommendations, clients typically see a 95% improvement in their skin within three to four months.

What does it take to get clearer skin?

Getting rid of acne takes patience, dedication and consistency. And there are many factors to dealing with acne effectively. But don’t worry. Our passion is coaching clients just like you to clear skin. We will teach you everything you need to know, guiding you step-by-step, to get you the clear skin you want and deserve.

We can help. Get started today on your path to clear skin. To schedule an appointment call us at 404.900.5152.