Facial Treatments

Time: 1 hour

Cost: $85 and up

Our cleansing facial treatments are more medically designed. They are what we call facials with a purpose. We have so many people tell us they appreciate us “getting down to business,” instead of slathering lotions and oils all over their face for an hour. They are simple—a hybrid facial if you will—relaxing, with results. It includes dual cleanse, toner, exfoliator, extractions and moisturizer/ SPF with a scalp massage for relaxation. We have several different types of facial skin care treatments that we can customize to help your problem area or concern.

Facial treatments can be light and hydrating or mildly to moderately exfoliating, depending on the products we use. Facial skin care doesn’t have to be complicated to get results. When you let us know what things you would like to change about your skin, we will decide together the best path to get the results you want. Your skin will be so soft and smooth afterward you won’t be able to wait till your next appointment to keep up the wonderful results from your facial. Consistency is the key. After one cleansing facial, the skin will look more smooth and bright, but after having several facials monthly, you will start to see that healthy glow return, evening of tone and texture and other people will start to notice how great your skin is looking.