Time: 60 minutes

Cost: $85 to $225

Chemical peels are wonderful for rejuvenizing the skin. Atlanta Acne Specialists offers medical grade chemical peels, including facial peels and body skin peels, which combat fine lines, sun damage, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and aging skin. They can also aid in evening out acne scars. Chemical peels work from the inside of the skin out. They might cause some actual peeling of the skin leaving brand new beautiful glowing skin. They should be performed about every 3-4 weeks with better results achieved with each consecutive peel.

Each skin peel is different. Your esthetician will decide which peel is right for you and your skin. Peels are usually applied in layers and depending on how your skin tolerates the peel, we will apply only the appropriate amount for your skin. Atlanta Acne Specialists has incredible skin peels and facial peels from CosMedix and Face Reality. They include mild lactic acid based peels to mild TCA blended peels to Jessner’s and then stronger Vitamin A peels. You will have incredible results with which ever line of peels we decide to use.