Time: Approximately 15 minutes each

Brows: $15
Chin: $10
Sideburns: $15
Upper Lip: $10

Our facial waxing services are performed before acne or facial treatments, so that the skin is not overly irritated. At Atlanta Acne Specialists our goal is to clear acne prone skin, but we also want to have you feeling beautiful in every way.

We use a natural and botanically based hard wax for our facial waxing services. What makes this better is that the wax does not adhere to the skin like strip wax does. Therefore, it doesn’t pull on the skin. We apply a very light layer of oil to the skin and then apply the wax. We don’t double dip. Each wax applicator is only dipped in the wax once for cleanliness. The wax shrink-wraps around the hair instead of sticking to the skin, making for easy hair removal. Once it hardens we pull it off, removing the hair with less irritation to your skin. The result? Beautifully, smooth, hair-free skin with little to no redness.