Say Goodbye to Acne Kit contains: Mandelic Serum 8% Hydrating Gel Everyday SPF 30 Plus the following customizable selections: (sizes that are not recommended will not be selectable) Gentle Cream Cleanser OR Ultra Gentle Facewash Hydrating Toner OR Calming Toner Acne Gel 2.5% OR Acne Gel 5% Balancing Moisturizer OR Copper Peptide Moisturizer AND a complimentary ice pack to help soothe and calm inflammation Choosing this kit signs you up for the Bronze-Level Coaching, consisting of bi-weekly emails with access to our Support Page, videos, and downloadable instructions to get you started on your path towards clearer skin. Your Acne Specialist will be happy to direct you to the best purchase for your skin & acne type if you're unsure what to order. You can get our advice by filling out the Consultation Form or schedule a Virtual Consultation. *Please note that our products are not to be used with any other topical products.