How it works

Teri Eastin Virtual Clear Skin

First, education is everything. We give you lots of information on lifestyle tips, medications and dietary issues that can cause/aggravate acne. We also discuss ingredients in skin and hair care products that can be troublesome.

Next, we give you a strict home care regimen to follow. There is a method to our madness. If you stick to it, you will have clear skin. You will be given hand written instructions so you will know exactly how to use your products. We are also available via phone, email and text if you have any questions.

Our home care strategy is second to none. Our products include Mandelic, Lactic, Glycolic, and Salicylic acids. We also have prescription equivalent Vitamin A Proprionate which is a little gentler on the skin than Retin-A. Along with our step up approach to Benzoyl Peroxide application you will begin to see your skin clearing in just a few days to weeks. We will adjust either the strength of your products or the frequency of use to keep clearing your skin so that it doesn’t adjust to the products and to keep your skin from getting to dry or irritated.

Lastly, we do extractions at every visit. We may change the treatment from something exfoliating to something gentle and hydrating, but we will always do extractions. As the comedones come up through the layers of the skin we will get them out so the skin becomes more smooth and they won’t continue to smolder under the skin causing scarring. At each visit they become less and less as the products begin to prevent new blackheads/whiteheads from forming.

If you’ve tried everything your doctor has offered you for your acne and have been disappointed. Give us a call and let our acne specialists coach you to clear skin.