Who Benefits from our Virtual Clear Skin Program?

Teri Eastin Virtual Clear Skin

Do you struggle with acne? Are you tired of yo-yo skincare results from over-the-counter products? Are you fed up with the time and expense of repeated visits to the dermatologist with little or no real results? Have you ever been able to commit to a daily routine? Are you ready for clear skin?


If so, you will benefit from our Virtual Clear Skin Program.


Clients who benefit the most from our program:

  • Take on the responsibility of doing the regimen morning and night
  • Understand that there will be some dryness of skin
  • Are financially able to commit to replenishing the products as needed to achieve and maintain their desired results (avg $50-75 per month after initial kit purchase)
  • Are tired of wasting money on gimmicks and Rx after Rx and are ready to commit 100% to our tried and true program
  • Are ready to commit to achieving clear skin


Before you sign up for our Virtual Clear Skin Program, we want to share what our happiest clients know:

  • There is no skin care quick fix – achieving clear skin will take 3-6 months
  • Committing to using products every morning and every night is essential
  • The latest greatest new product or makeup is probably not good for acne prone skin
  • This program is for “real” acne sufferers; 50 or more pimples.
  • Not recommended for women pregnant/nursing
  • Not recommended for teens under 15 years old
  • Having clear skin is worth the investment
  • I am worth the commitment to clear skin!


Our Virtual Clear Skin Program clients get better results than other programs because we provide coaching as support and guidance throughout the program. Our clients learn what ingredients and foods to avoid as well as what lifestyle habits to adopt. We coach our clients by providing support, education, and guidance throughout the program. By the completion of our program, our clients are masters of their skin care and know how to maintain clear skin.


Contact us TODAY for more information on how YOU can benefit from our Virtual Clear Skin Program.