Acne Treatments

Acne treatments are a little different than traditional facials. Whether it is for the face, back or chest the focus is on extractions or getting rid of acne impactions(blackheads/ whiteheads) in the skin. Depending on the condition of your skin at the time of treatment we will determine if a hydrating or exfoliating treatment is best.
If we do a hydrating acne treatment there will be no change in the skin afterward except for the better. Your face will feel smoother and softer. If we do an exfoliating acne treatment there is the possibility of a little dry or flaky skin for a few days afterward. Then the skin will glow.

What to expect

Acne treatments, since the focus is on extractions, will be a little red and slightly more bumpy immediately after the treatment. It calms down within a couple of hours and then by morning is normal. You may have tiny red dots where the extractions were removed for a few days. A mineral based makeup will cover them nicely. With each acne treatment we get more and more of the clogged pores out of the skin making it more smooth. Doing these acne treatments at regular intervals in conjunction with proper home care your skin will be clear in no time.

We proudly offer the following acne treatments: