How It Works

In the Office

If you’re coming to see us in our Atlanta office, we’ll cover a series of questions and tests to find out more about your skin. This will help us create a personalized product and treatment regimen that you’ll follow over a 12-week period.

Learn How It Works

In-Office Treatment and Product

Fastest way to clear skin. See results in 3-4 months.

There are two ways to work with us

#1 Schedule an Introductory Treatment in our office. This includes a consultation and treatment ($200). We will explain how our program works and what is expected in order to achieve results. You will be expected to purchase your Say Goodbye to Acne Kit at that appointment. That kit is $172 and includes enough product to last approximately 3 months. To get clear as quickly as possible get acne treatments in our office every 2 weeks.

#2 Work with us virtually by purchasing your Say Goodbye to Acne Kit online and follow the instructions on how to use the products you receive in our emails and check in with us if you have any questions.

*Once clear skin is achieved, clients will continue using our products to maintain results.

Note: We can accelerate this option for an event (wedding, graduation, etc.)

Also note: Prices are approximate and vary based on which products are recommended for your skin and acne type. To maintain results, patients should continue using products after desired skincare goals are met.


Skin Consultation

Cost: $75

This consultation includes a discussion on how our program works. A skin evaluation to learn about your skin and acne type. We will test and examine your skin and customize a home care regimen to help you get rid of acne on your face, back and/or chest. We will also discuss lifestyle, diet, makeup, and hair product changes that can improve your skin.

*Treatments (i.e. extractions, exfoliation, or chemical peel) are not included.

Facial Acne Treatments

COST: $95 – $125

At Atlanta Acne Specialists, we analyze your skin carefully to determine which treatment option is best for you. All treatments are flat rate and customized.
You may choose a treatment by time we spend on your skin.

30 minutes ($95) Includes Cleanse, Toner, exfoliation (determined by the Acne Specialist) and SPF.

60 minutes ($125) Includes the above and our LED light treatment to calm redness and kill the p. acnes bacteria.

Patients will visit our office every two weeks to receive treatments and check in with a specialist, while continuing a regimen at home. Achieving clear skin can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. Expect to see significant results seen in the first 6 weeks.

Body Acne Treatments

Cost: $95

Body acne can occur alone or alongside facial acne. Some people never have acne on their face, only on their body. Either way, it’s just as devastating. The skin on the back is thicker and can tolerate a stronger treatment, whereas the skin on the chest is much thinner. body acne treatment is very similar to that of facial acne in that the Acne Specialist will include extractions and an exfoliating treatment or a chemical peel, just a little stronger depending on your skin or acne type.

To achieve the best results, we will periodically adjust your regimen in order to prevent the skin from adjusting to the products.

Acne Scar Treatment

Many clients first question when working with us is “How can we get rid of the scarring?” We must first get rid of the acne or we will chase scarring for a long time.

We recommend a introducing a Retinol Propionate which is gentler than Retin-A or stronger chemical peels to even out the texture and tone of your skin and help with scarring. Once you’ve been clear skin for at least 3 months we are happy to discuss other options with you as well.

Acne scars, or Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH), can be a painful reminder of dealing with breakouts – no matter how mild or severe. If you have PIH those will diminish on their own in 4-6 months after the pimple has healed.
PIH is technically called Angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is background redness left over from past breakouts. Your body has created a lot of new blood vessels as it tried to heal the pimples itself. Now the body has to reabsorb those breakouts and the redness isn’t a scar it’s just residual redness in your skin. When the body absorbs those vessels it will disappear.

At Atlanta Acne Specialists, we don’t perform scar revision or promise to remove scarring, however we can help minimize acne scarring in several ways. By using our products and strictly following our product recommendations, you will notice your acne scarring start to minimize.

Once you’ve achieve clear skin for at least 6 months, we recommend a series of microdermabrasion treatments or stronger chemical peels to even out the texture and tone of your skin.